A6-8 Year Olds

Swim: 50 Meters (2 Lengths of the Pool)

Bike: 1.1 Miles

Run 0.6 Miles**

B9-11 Year Olds

Swim: 100 Meters (4 Lengths of the Pool)

Bike: 2 Miles

Run 1 Miles**

C12-14 Year Olds

Swim: 150 Meters (6 Lengths of the Pool)

Bike: 4 Miles

Run 1.4 Miles**

Due to the positive feedback from the changes made to last year’s run route/finish line the changes will be permanently implemented. Our new finish line located on the west end of Langston Hughes Middle School not only provides for much better finish line viewing and post-race activities, but also a closer proximity to our start allowing for easier start and finish viewing.

NOTE: Terraset Elementary School is under construction and we are working with them to provide a safe route from the underpass to the wooded trails. The detour is shown below in the running section (Announced 7/28). Please subscribe to our twitter feed or check back on this site to stay apprised of any changes that follow.


Ridge Heights Pool is a 25 meter pool located at 11400 Ridge Heights Road.

Bike Route Descriptions and Maps

Map Title: 6-8 Years Old bike route - 1.1 miles

Description: Leave Ridge Heights Pool to Seahawk Drive, go south on Seahawk Drive to a loop in the lower parking lot, then return to Ridge Heights Pool.

Map Title: 9-11 Years Old and 12-14 Years Old Bike Route

Description: Leave Ridge Heights Pool and head east to South Lakes Drive. Head west to Soapstone Drive to right on Ridge Heights Road. One loop is 2 miles. 9-11 year olds do one loop, 12-14 year olds do 2 loops, both finishing at Ridge Heights Pool for the run start.

Run Route Descriptions and Maps

“Due to the on-going construction of Terraset Elementary School, the run routes have been adjusted for safety.  The distances are very close to prior years and all turns will be signed and tended by volunteers.  The major difference is the run route for the 6-8 year olds, who will come up the sidewalk above the underpass and run through the field between Terraset and Langston Hughes, following a line of cones.”

Map Title: 6-8 Years Old Run Route (.6 miles)

Map Title: 9-11 Years Old Run Route (1 mile)

Map Title: 12-14 Years Old Run Route (1.4 miles)

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All pictures by Hank Skrocki